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Zhuang Sheng Xiao Meng-Seven Years of Relieving Itch Full-time Job

Dec 12th, 2022 at 11:07   Business Services   Sambrial   219 views
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Half a year later, the results of the college entrance examination were all reasonable: Wang yuan, Sang Xiao and Zhuang Wanqing went to N City. Wang yuan and Zhuang Wanqing entered the famous N University, one studying international trade and the other studying English. Sang Xiao did not perform well and entered K University, a famous science and engineering university next door. Guo Hui and Lin Meng both went to Shanghai. Even Tang Lei barely entered a three university in Beijing. They all thought the result was the most perfect, but no one expected the pain and sadness behind the perfection. That's me "As soon as I make a move, the wind and clouds will change my color. I don't know how to step back. I'm not afraid of heaven and earth. I don't give up my pursuit. I can't easily bow my head and climb the peak. I can't return triumphantly. It's a real man. What are you afraid of? If you want to rush, you can rush to be unique. I'm me.." N city is a big city where famous universities gather. N University and K University are the leading ones. One is a first-class comprehensive university, the other is a famous university of science and engineering. In addition, the other three universities are all in the university town in the south of the city, so Sangxiao and Wangyuan are close to each other. However, for Sangxiao, entering the university is the beginning of her brilliant life. Although she has been jumping up and down for the past 18 years, she has always been guided by her parents step by step. In K University, there are more boys than girls, especially in her major, resource exploration, where boys are far ahead by 10:1. Sang Xiao is not bad looking,smart interactive whiteboard, coupled with her bright personality, her college life is colorful and colorful: Sang Xiao likes literature, and Chinese has always been her proud strength in high school, so she joined the K University reporter station at the beginning of the university. Her strong character and excellent writing skills make Sang Xiao do well in the reporter station. At the same time, busy with her work, she naturally neglected Wang yuan. Contrary to her, Wang yuan,face detection android, who was a student cadre in high school, kept a low profile when he entered the university. Although his handsome appearance, proud achievements and good upbringing still made him shine, he did not join any clubs except the basketball team. Compared with the fun of sneaking around in high school, the present without restraint is more alienated, just like now: Sangxiao ended the noisy party with a group of brothers from the press station and came to the front of the dormitory building. By the light, he found a familiar tall and straight figure standing under the tree in front of the building-Wang yuan! Sangxiao said in his heart that he had been busy with the press station some time ago and had neglected Wang yuan, which had made him very unhappy. The editing work at hand had come to an end today, and he had made an appointment to come over and make a tooth sacrifice for her. As soon as the brothers arranged a dinner, she forgot about it. As he trotted forward, Sangxiao smiled obsequiously. "Are you here, Wang yuan?"? Isn't your basketball team busy? I haven't seen you for a month. You're tanned, but you're more handsome. In the absence of Sang-xiao's company, facial recognition thermometer ,touch screen kiosk, Wang yuan often mingled with the basketball team. They did not see each other for almost a month. After a summer, Wang yuan's skin was tanned and his figure seemed to be more tall and straight. He was excellent, but now he is more like a luminous body full of temptation, bright and eye-catching. But Wang yuan completely ignored her flattery and pointed to the point: "Did you forget to have dinner together today?"? Why did I turn off my phone when I called you? "Ah?" Sangxiao giggled shyly, "I'm sorry, my cell phone is out of power." A group of Elder Martial Brotherthers who had sent her back together stood in the back and joked, "Oh, Sangxiao, your boyfriend?" "It seems I have no chance!" Someone heckled again, "not bad, boyfriend thief handsome!" "That is!" Sang-xiao looked back and raised his head proudly. After a frolic, the brothers walked away with a smile. When Wang yuan heard her saying, "That's right," his heart suddenly warmed up. His anger had subsided a lot. He was about to reach out and embrace her, but he couldn't help frowning: "Have you been drinking?" "A little, just a little!" Sang-xiao tugged at his sleeve. "Don't worry, I won't drink again next time, I promise!" Wang yuan ignored her and narrated in a flat tone: "I came at half past five. I waited for you for three hours. I called you and turned off your phone. No one in the dormitory knew where you were going.". Sangxiao, why don't you take me to heart every time? "I was wrong." Wang yuan. Sang-xiao knew it was his fault, and he was clever enough to ask softly, "Don't be angry, okay?" Wang yuan waited for three hours. He was anxious and worried. When he smelled her smell of alcohol, he was even more angry. "Sangxiao, what am I in your eyes?"? If you are busy, you can not see me for a month; if you are busy, you can hang up my phone at any time; if you are too busy, I can wait here for three hours, but also worry about what happened to you! "I'm sorry." Sang Xiao rarely softened his attitude and pitifully pulled his arm back and forth, "Shall I go to your school every day to find you?"? Didn't you say that the potato flour in your canteen was very delicious? "Don't bother!" Wang yuan refused coldly. Wang yuan. Sang-xiao called him ingratiatingly, with a rare taste of coquetry, but the man in front of him did not answer her. Sang-xiao had no choice but to act like a spoiled child when he was angry with himself. Why didn't he use this trick at all? As soon as he gritted his teeth, Sangxiao stood on tiptoe and touched his lips like a dragonfly like Wang yuan. Wang yuan's body obviously stiffened, and the next second he suddenly hugged Sangxiao, holding her head in one hand and her waist in the other, trying to deepen the kiss. At the moment when his lips touched deeply, Wang yuan gave a low "um", but his hands were even harder. The breath in his mouth was fresh and natural, his lips were soft, his voice was low and inaudible, but his eyes were burning as if to burn her. Sang Xiaoxin closed his eyes, opened his mouth slightly, and tried to cooperate. This was undoubtedly a kind of encouragement,temperature check kiosk, and kissing seemed to be a man's instinct. Wang yuan went into her mouth to taste every inch bit by bit. Sangxiao didn't lie. There was no taste of wine in her mouth except for the smell of alcohol on her clothes, but there was the sweetness of watermelon. Wang yuan knew that she liked watermelon, and the fruit after dinner must be watermelon. hsdtouch.com

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