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Get into the game and fall in love Full-time Job

Jan 5th, 2023 at 07:04   Business Services   Dadu   292 views
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On the other side of the enemy on the single Miyamoto Musashi also can't carry Yu Ji and Cai Wenji's attack silk blood escape, Yu Ji and Cai Wenji successfully get the blue buff and clear a wild monster. Our team started smoothly with the advantage of three buffs. The economy and experience were both ahead of the opposite side. The first tyrant was in our pocket. The average level was almost one level ahead of the opposite side. This was a downwind game. This is the third time zhaoyun with the song game to catch the middle of the sable cicada, two people's skills in front of the tower wretched Qing Bing hit a residual blood, the sable cicada had a two skills to jump to the defense tower to avoid the three skills of the song game and fled to a safe area point back to the city, was about to type when suddenly out of nowhere by zhaoyun a three skills off the head. mdzz So all the players heard the voice of Diao Chan from the opposite side: "Brother Zilong, Xiao Chan is still thinking of you even if you become enemies. So please don't target Xiao Chan any more.." When the gentle female voice sounded from my mind, Qu Yi was still stupefied, and when he came to his senses, he felt that the opposite sable cicada must be a member of Xinyue! Otherwise, why does the word typed by others come to their minds as the sound effect of the game system, while the word typed by Diao Chan is the original sound of Diao Chan in the game? Can single row to the star of the female players are generally hidden merit and fame, absolutely will not act like a spoiled child for special treatment, so the operator of the sable cicada must be a big man! Just to confuse us! "Zilong, don't listen to him." Qu Yi said hurriedly and felt that his tone was somewhat inexplicable and sour, so he pretended to explain: "If you can play Diao Chan in the position of Supreme Star Yao, you have to be a great God. If you don't aim at him in the early stage,Low Rpm Electric Motor, he will show off when he develops well in the middle and later stages. Then it will be very difficult for us to play." Zhao Yun's voice sounded somewhat helpless: "I know, originally also did not intend to listen to her, a Yi rest assured." Knowing that Zilong would not be so easily confused, Qu Yi thought with a smile, completely ignoring the sudden panic just now. Quyi and Zhao Yun are different from their teammates who are actually controlled by people from another world. Their teammates can't hear the conversation just now, so their teammates can't notice their mood. At best,High Torque 12v Dc Motor, they only know that they are in a double row. Cai Wenji saw that Zhao Yun was very cold and did not mean to reply, so she looked at the beautiful little sister Diao Chan with a hint of pity: "Don't worry, little sister Diao Chan, I'll help you watch Brother Dian Zilong." "Lyu3 bu4 head prairie 233." This is Yu Ji who came to join in the fun. The sable cicada saw the reply smiled and then hid in the grass to type, a sentence "if you want to get by, you have to be green on your head" has not finished playing the game interface suddenly dark down, the enemy Zhuge Liang killed his own sound effect then sounded. emmm…… Shit! Is it not enough for me to squat two waves just now? Hunting, but the grass in our field? This Zhuge Liang (Qu Yi) has a grudge against me! The sable cicada while thinking about the opening of the record, the original intention is to check the economy of teammates, but first noticed the opposite Zhuge Liang's equipment column, he sold the echo of the staff into a nightmare of teeth.. "Shit!" The sable cicada scolded directly this time, before the middle of the game to sell the good equipment to restrain her equipment, Brushless Gear Motor ,24v Gear Motor, even if the delay of their own development to deal with her, this must have much hatred! But his equipment seems to have been changed after he finished typing that line. "Damn it!" The sable cicada this sentence also type the word sent all, so the song game and zhaoyun also heard, zhaoyun nature is not understood, he felt that the game seems not to like this some bold and unrestrained woman so also smart did not ask, but zhayun don't understand the song game as a modern Internet addiction teenager is understood, he was stunned for a while, His ears and cheeks were red, and he seemed to understand something, but now was not a good time to talk, and he could only wait until the war was over. So zhaoyun looked at the game like playing chicken blood killing, 1v2 double kill 1v3 three kill 1v4 kill one can also escape smoothly, coquettish operation constantly, the whole audience in addition to zhaoyun together brush 666. In the last wave, even the five enemies could not resist the damage of one of them, but Yu Ji accidentally took a head, so there were only four kills left. This game was originally a very tense play-off round, but it passed smoothly in a happy atmosphere and a state of excitement like playing chicken blood. Qu Yi later recalled the battle situation only to find that it was the most relaxed king he had ever played. Of course, he didn't think so much now, because his mind was full of pink bubbles. Suddenly know their sexuality for everyone will be shocked, but the song game in play-off round war for such a long time, he is not a tangled person, and now think of him and zhaoyun dribs and drabs think zhaoyun to him should also be good, since both sides have feelings that why not show mind? So after the war, Qu Yi held Zhao Yun's hand regardless of the fact that he was now in the front yard of Di Fu, where people were coming and going. The radian of the corners of his mouth could not be pressed down: "Zilong, I have something to say to you, I.." The sudden loss of strength made Qu Yi almost kneel down. He saw Zhao Yun holding him with a worried face and asked him what was wrong. Qu Yi opened his mouth and said in a low voice: "It's all right. I want to tell you about me.." The back of the three words is how also can't say, line of sight gradually become blurred, ear zhaoyun eager voice is getting smaller and smaller, the song game tired closed his eyes, the last thought in my mind is fortunately through things with zhaoyun said, otherwise when his soul left zhaoyum will find that is lying to him, when the time comes do not know how angry zhayun, Zhao Yun is very cute when he sulks, but he will never see him again. A tear fell from the corner of Qu Yi's eye, which was the last thing he left in the land of kings. What Qu Yi didn't know was that when the tear from the corner of his eye just fell to the ground,brushless gear motor, Zhao Yun, who was calling him with a calm face, also fainted. The two overlapping figures lying on the ground slowly became transparent until they finally disappeared completely. The passing servant seemed to hear a flat mechanical sound:. ichgearmotor.com

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