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Vicious Ex-Wife's Buddha-like Daily Life [Wearing Books] Full-time Job

Dec 6th, 2022 at 05:36   Technology   Dera Ghazi Khan   53 views
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"Hearing this group twice in a row, Shen Ning was a little curious.". Although Lu Shaoting is not a native of this city, Lu's group is a force that can not be ignored in the whole country or even abroad, especially Lu Shaoting is still the only grandson of Lu's father, even if he is not in charge, but it is still the object of many people's fawning. There were three people, the leader was a middle-aged man in his forties and fifties, and the rest were two young women, wearing uniform skirts and tall figures, which looked strange line-ups. Hello, Lu Shao, I am the person in charge of Haiye Restaurant. This is my business card. The man took out a business card, bent down and handed it to Lu Shaoting with both hands, and the assistant took it over. The man turned to look at Shen Ning again and said with a smile, "I've heard about what happened yesterday. I'm really sorry. It was the negligence of the chef in our shop that affected Mrs. Lu Shao's dining mood even more." In the future, if you two come to have dinner under the banner, it will be free of charge. The man's words are full of apology, apology is big, the same after the same, but look at Shen Ning's eyes some strange,eye cream packing tube, Shen Ning did not understand, but also heard out, the other party did so but is concerned about the identity of Lu Shaoting, if she and Li Shengsheng went to eat yesterday, it is estimated that the result will be different. Shen Ning some lack of interest, Lu Shaoting probably saw out, took a look at the assistant. The other party immediately understood,plastic laminated tube, "Mr. Luo, your mind is appreciated by our young master and madam, but it's just a misunderstanding. There's no need to make it so grand." Although this person is not the director of the group, but also surnamed Luo, should be related to the relationship. The man didn't seem to hear the meaning of the guest. He continued to say with a smile, "Lu Shao, you and your wife are new here. These are the two tour guides of our company. They know the customs and characteristics of the city very well. It's better to let them take you and your wife to have a good time for two days and relax. The cost of food and clothing is all on my account." The two tour guides who were pushed out were young women who had been following the man all the time. Wearing black skirts and high-heeled shoes of the same color, they looked more and more white and leggy. Shen Ning glanced at them and looked at the people opposite, as if she suddenly understood something. Shen Ning can see that Lu Shaoting naturally does not understand, obviously did not expect someone to dare to do so in front of Shen Ning, even if he heard some outside rumors, but whether he likes this woman or not is not the turn of others to humiliate. My wife is so timid that I'm afraid she won't come to your shop again. "Lu Shao?" The man was a little surprised, probably because he didn't expect Lu Shaoting to react like this. If you want to talk about compensation, you can wait for my lawyer to come and see you off. Lu Shao's anger jumped up, cosmetic plastic tube ,empty lotion tubes, never showing mercy, lifted his feet to kick the business card on the desktop into the trash can, and pulled Shen Ning up from the sofa. City X. Lu Shaoting landed and sent Shen Ning back to the old house, and he drove out. The housekeeper couldn't hold back his curiosity and asked, "Young lady, is the young master in a bad mood?" "I think so." Shen Ning is also a little uncertain, anyway, after meeting the person in charge of Haiye, she just smiled, and he seemed angry. He told his assistant to book a plane ticket and came back. Oh, then you can eat first. The master has gone to Du's house and hasn't come back yet. "Mmm." Lu Shaoting drove to the charm, pushed open the box, Xiao Bei and several young people who often mixed together were drinking. Yo, Lu Shao, are you back from your business trip? "An accident?" Lu Shaoting sat in his own exclusive seat, lifted his legs and leaned back. Xiao Bei took a glass of wine and said, "How's it going?"? Is the development going well? Lu Shaoting looked at him, unable to say whether he was happy or unhappy, and pursed his lips, "No." "No, are the tricks I taught you useless?" Before the trip, Xiao Bei and Lu Shaoting did say a lot of tricks to quickly improve their feelings, but in some accidents, if he did that, it would be worse than a beast. Xiao Bei took a sip of wine and looked at his face as if he had been stabbed a few times, which had never happened before. "Won't you be rejected again?" "Something happened." Lu Shaoting did not admit it directly, but emphasized that the person in charge of Haiye sent him two women, who not only did not get angry, but also laughed. This made him feel a little ashamed, and he wanted to stay for another two days, but he changed his mind and came back. Lu Shaoting before, the nearest woman walking around is Bai Weiwei, may be self-feeling good or the other side is more worry-free, he has never had this kind of trouble, also did not spend any thought. In Xiao Bei's words, people can be coaxed when they are angry, but what should he do in the face of a person who doesn't even eat vinegar and doesn't like him? He felt that what he had done before was a joke, and maybe when he was proud, the other side was laughing at him, which made him feel a little ashamed. This is really a little difficult, Xiao Bei also had no idea for a while, he said Shen Ning is definitely the most difficult woman he has ever seen. Lu Shao, why don't we change people? When Xiao Bei's words fell, he stared at him with a pair of cold eyes and coughed twice, "I'm kidding." Lu Shaoting looked away and took a sip of wine. But these two days there was indeed a woman clamoring for you,cosmetic tube packaging, coming from Boss Huang, saying that she knew you, and that she had found me here. emptycosmetictubes.com

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