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The reborn imperial concubine from the throne Full-time Job

Dec 23rd, 2022 at 07:16   Solicitors   Saddiqabad   55 views
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Anyone who wants to have a quarrel with him, no matter how old the hatred is, should be concerned about the apex of his heart and find the right opportunity to retaliate, and the means of retaliation are not divided into the size of hatred. He had a quarrel with him in the early years, and it is estimated that he still remembers it now. Can be such a person, I do not know how to fall in love with her, if not for her violent temper, see him never good face, let him have a bit of fear, it is estimated that he would have been calculated. His father was a wealthy man in the capital, and his mother was the daughter of a concubine of the Ai family. In terms of seniority, Yu Yu should call him cousin. He loved to bribe the servants of the Tseng family with silver to find out where she was. As soon as she came to the village, this man came with her. When the man finished shouting, Portable gold trommel ,tin beneficiation plant, he saw a young man in black standing on a big boat on the lake. He looked this way and then slipped back into the cabin. Ning Yu looked at him and felt annoyed. She closed the small window of the boat and said in disgust, "What a mess." "You don't want to see him, ha ha, brother Gui Heng doesn't seem to have the heart of a beautiful woman!" "Who are you?" Asked Ning Yu with a black face? I don't even like your third cousin's friends. "" Don't behave like that, Miss Tseng, "he said with a smile." I'm not a bad person. I'm yuan Minzong, the son of the Marquis of Fangde. Oh, it's the yuan family. Even if the little Marquis was not as good as the Tseng family in terms of rank, Ning Yu didn't have to treat him differently: "Mr. yuan, what are you doing on my boat? You haven't said yet!" "Your cousin wanted to see you, but he didn't dare to come, so I came to make inquiries for him.". The girl who came with me played with me and hid. I thought you were her just now. I'm really sorry! yuan Zongmin smiled and apologized, but there was no sense of apology in his words. "Oh, it seems that Mr. yuan doesn't have a good memory. You don't remember what kind of clothes your maid wears, and you can still mistake her for someone else!" yuan Zongmin answered with a smile, "I only look at women's faces, and I don't care about clothes." Ning Yu was too lazy to haggle with him. She waved her hand and said, "That's all. That's all.". We're still busy, Childe. By the way, send a message to my cousin who loves to play hide-and-seek. I will marry King Rong after all. If he dares to pester me again, I will be rude to him! "Oh, what an untouchable Miss Tseng." yuan Zongmin said with a hearty smile, "It seems that brother Gui Heng is going to cry tonight." Say that finish, squeeze out the crowd's encirclement, carefree off the boat. Only then did Zhiyuan, who had been silent all the time, open his mouth and say, "Sister, if you don't want to see Mo, we might as well give up here and cancel this boating to enjoy the moon." "With him?" Ning Yu sneers: "Really give him face.". No, we have our own. If he wants to come and eat moon cakes together, he will come. If you don't want to, love to hide, let him! Then he turned to the servants and said, "Well, do what you have to do." "Yes." Ning Yu was busy directing people to put all kinds of utensils, while Zhiyuan took stock of the fruits they needed. They were so busy that they had no time to pay attention to Duan Huizhen. This makes her very suffocating, once left the second young master, she herself is not noticeable, everyone listens to Zeng Ningyu, she can only stand alone in the corner to watch her give orders. With what? Is she busy because of her background? And the little Marquis and her cousin just now, I can see that they are all interested in her. And she Duan Huizhen, but catch a do not know the world, only know how to play the source of the same as the baby, in contrast, he is really miserable enough. Just as she was in a trance, a woman who was moving the embroidered pier stepped on her foot,magnetic separator machine, whether intentionally or unintentionally. Ouch, she squatted on the ground along the wall of the boat in pain. Although it seemed to her that the mother-in-law had done it on purpose, it was just right to take this opportunity to let Zhiyuan focus on her again. ore-magnetic-mining.com

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Bai Lian Cheng Yao + Peerless Evil