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Sheng Shi Qing Feng (Full Version + Extra Chapter) by Er Ya Full-time Job

Dec 12th, 2022 at 10:49   Technology   Saddiqabad   49 views
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The civil and military officials knelt down to salute Ao Sheng. Without waiting for everyone to kneel down, Ao Sheng waved his hand and said, "Get up. Don't kneel down on the school yard!" Everyone thanked the emperor and stood up, but Ao Sheng waved his hand because he didn't want Jiang Qing to kneel down. Ao Sheng looked at the Tiger King and the Wild Ridge Flag and said, "Are you two coming one by one or together?" Two people looked at each other, the two people are also galloping on the battlefield for many years of military commanders, and are the Lord of a country, Ao Sheng is just a young, just over twenty years old Han emperor, unexpectedly so arrogant, is really let two people very unhappy. Ao Sheng ignored the anger on their faces and said with a smile, "I think we should go together. If you win this game, you will win." The Tiger King and the Wild Ridge Flag looked at each other. The Wild Ridge Flag waved his hand and said, "No, I want to fight with you alone!" Ao Sheng nodded indifferently and said lightly, "whatever you want." Afterward, the civil and military are scattered, Ao Sheng walked down the steps, Wen Da did not know when to come back, to him led a tall black horse. As he passed by Ao Sheng, Wenda said in a low voice, "Your Majesty, it's all clear." Ao Sheng nodded, stepped on horseback, and said lightly, "well done." Wenda stepped back and stood to one side. After that, Ao Sheng turned his horse's head and wanted to walk in the middle of the school yard. The wild ridge flag also stepped on the horse and rushed to Ao Sheng with a long knife. Jiang Qing sat on the white tiger and looked up at Ao Sheng's behavior. Indeed,plastic bottle making machine, Ao Sheng's kung fu was taught by himself, but he had never taught him to ride a horse. Just Ao Sheng riding on the horse that leisurely to urge the horse forward, so fit, is the body of the yuan clan born on the horse died in the blood of the battlefield at work? With a knife in one hand, Ao Sheng looked at the wild ridge flag that rushed to him with the knife in one hand. He felt that his whole body was full of blood, but there were too few people rushing over. There was only one wild ridge flag. If there were thousands of troops, it would be fun. He could kill one at will. Ji Si stood beside Jiang Qing, staring at the desire for fighting in Ao Sheng's eyes, gasping, dumb way,water filling machine, "like." It's so much like that! Jiang Qing turned to him with some surprise and asked, "Who does it look like?"? The first emperor? Ji Si shook his head for a long time before he said two words, "yuan Lie." Jiang Qing was stunned, recalling the impression of the appearance of yuan Lie, cold and silent, some evil, but because he really talked too little, Jiang Qing hardly communicated with him, so there is no strong memory. But yuan Lie's name is still thunderous, twenty years ago, for the yuan clan to lay down the world, personally killed the former emperor, but inexplicably gave the throne to yuan Luo, from then on disappeared. As a matter of fact, everyone in the world knows that the yuan clan was once a military general of the former Dynasty, but it was a pity that the former emperor was fatuous and dissolute, and had no children to inherit the throne after his death. For a time, the world was in chaos. At that time, water bottle packaging machine ,Beverage packing machine, the flames of war everywhere, family disputes, everyone wants to grab the throne, yuan Lie by hundreds of army horses stand out to pacify the four directions, until the whole Jiangshan are in the pocket.. If we say that yuan Luo is good at fighting, Qi is also good at fighting, but they are almost not worth mentioning compared with yuan Lie's achievements in those years. But then again, behind yuan Lie's victory in every battle in those years, the most important thing was that there was a divine prime minister, who expected things like Yin Jili, who was full of changes. Jiang Qing still remembered that Mu Ling told him that Xiao Huang was really talented and clever, but compared with Yin Jili of that year, it was really too far away. Jiang Qing turned to look at Ji Si, who was an old minister of three Dynasties. yuan Luo was already an official when he was not the emperor. Naturally, he was the most aware of the entanglement. He asked, "Ji Xiang, why did yuan Lie give up the throne?" Ji Si gently stroked his beard, looked at Jiang Qing, smiled, and said lightly, "It's also Yin Ji Li to get, and it's also Yin Ji Li to lose." Jiang Qing was a little puzzled. He really knew that yuan Lie and Xiao Huang's father Yin Jili were a couple. Now they were very happy in Shenxian Island. They traveled all over the world and accompanied each other for a lifetime. They just suddenly felt that the dust-laden past of the two people was really attractive. "Oh.." Meron smiled at Jiang Qing and said, "Master, the old man has lived for nearly a hundred years. What he believes most is that the world is doomed and there is reincarnation in the world." Jiang Qing was at a loss and asked, "What does the right prime minister mean by this?" "At that time, we all thought that there would be such an emperor as yuan Lie." Speaking of the past, Ji Si still felt a little disappointed. "We all hoped that when we were young and successful, we could follow an eternal emperor to establish achievements, but yuan Lie handed over the country to the first emperor." Meron shook his head and said, "At that time, the princes were disheartened, but." Without the abdication of yuan Lie, there would be no emperor today. Jiang Qing Leng, nodded, the world is impermanent, seems to have been in the cycle of cause and effect. Thinking about it, the sound of a fierce collision came. Jiang Qing came to his senses and saw that the weapons of Ao Sheng and the Wild Ridge Flag had been connected. The two men circled and stood together. Ao Sheng's face showed a kind of fury that Jiang Qing had never seen before. The momentum of slashing with a knife was not fierce, to be exact, it was bloodthirsty. Some people are born to live on the battlefield. Ye Wugui sighed with emotion, "It's a pity that I'm a scholar, and I can't understand this kind of pride." "Since ancient times, emperors have been glorious in the first half of their lives, especially the founding emperors." Wang Qiankun whispered, "In order to win the country and satisfy his ambition to be king, he kept fighting and fighting." So that the life of the founding emperor is mostly wonderful. However, when the rivers and mountains are in hand, the ambition is satisfied, and the spirit is smoothed by the splendor and wealth. "The emperor who was born in misery, became in the wild hope, and finally succeeded, is naturally a legend with a brilliant life." Ye Wugui looked up at Ao Sheng, who was like a tiger in the school yard. "But apart from the founding emperors, most emperors were born in glory, became in glory, and finally suffered." Jiang Qing slightly stupefied, looked at the minister, everyone knows-Ao Sheng is not a lucky prince! On the contrary, he was born in misery and achieved in ambition. Now, his ambition is also growing,Blowing Filling Capping combiblock, in order to finally succeed? When Ji Si saw Jiang Qing lowering his head to meditate, he said in a low voice with a smile, "The situation of the emperor and yuan Lie is indeed very similar." gzxilinear.com

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