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Reborn Kim Tae-yeon Full-time Job

Nov 15th, 2022 at 10:20   Solicitors   Sahiwal   184 views
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"It's a deal" Yang Xianshi agreed to G-Dragon, he is confident, he can open a company that means a wide range of contacts, when the time comes to pay some money to let the TV station ban Taeyeon on the line, the next thing will come naturally, although this move is very insidious, but he has no way, but he does not know that there are many people behind Taeyeon to support her.. "Thank you, president, I'm sorry." G-Dragon got up and bowed to Yang Xianshi again. He knew that the president had already given himself face. He left YG not only to let Yang Xianshi lose Bigbang, but also the board of directors would blame him and even fire him. G-Dragon understood all these, so he would bow again and shed tears. I can't imagine that my president thinks so much about me. I really can't think of it. Yang Xianshi immediately picked up G-Dragon and said, "Well, don't do this. Don't cry. Practice well. I have to watch your performance at the end of the year." Yang Xianshi smiled and G-Dragon nodded vigorously. Now he has a very good impression of Yang Xianshi. He hopes that when the time comes, his president can dig up Taeyeon. This is really the best of both worlds. Yang Hyun-seok left after the other four people quickly help g-dragon to wipe tears, this time they saw the other side of Yang Hyun-seok, unexpectedly did not interfere with the artist's emotional life, in fact, Yang Hyung-seok to do so the biggest reason is that Taeyeon did not bird g-dragon, otherwise g-dragon is not want to go to S. M,small gold wash plant, as long as Taeyeon does not like g-dragon is easy to do At this time, Taeyeon was rehearsing the dance with her sisters in the practice room. The dance teacher was also guiding them. Everyone sweated like rain. They practiced until the dance teacher left. Nine people were tired and sat on the ground. The practice over and over again exhausted nine people and at the same time had a good grasp of the dance. Although they were a little bored, even a little tired, nine people still practiced as before. In order to bring the fans a wonderful dance, we have to stick to it. "When will you get the car you ordered?" Xu Xian saw that everyone had nothing to talk about, so she took the initiative to talk about it. She wanted to improve her quiet character, otherwise she would not be able to speak on the show in the future. At least next year. What's the matter? Do you want to open it? Seo Hyun, you haven't got your driver's license yet. "Taeyeon thought Seo Hyun wanted to borrow her own car to drive,tin beneficiation plant, but she forgot that Sika also had a car, and she wanted to borrow it from Sika." "No, no, I'm just asking." Seo Hyun immediately spoke again. Taeyeon looked at everyone sweating profusely and picked up the cup to drink while observing the other eight people. Everyone was wearing very little, and the plump ones were completely exposed. Although Taeyeon did not move her hands and feet, she was still watching. "I said who married you 8 is really a previous life to save the world, or we get married, can not be cheap man" may be Taeyeon tired, said such words let everyone wry smile, everyone knows that Taeyeon is joking, 8 people are used to Taeyeon looking at themselves with leering eyes. "Even if we are cheap, men also want to get married, can marry the person they like, and then have children, tin beneficiation plant ,coltan ore processing, a family of three happy life together, this is the life I yearn for." Hyoyeon began to fantasize, but to live this kind of life will have to wait for several years, their career has to go on, the most important thing is not to meet people who can go on with themselves. "Well, but Soo-yeon, you seem to be very relieved about me recently." Taeyeon said Sika and sat beside Sika. "When have I ever been at ease with you, but I can't control you to let me have any way, in short, you don't give me mercy everywhere," Sika said and glanced at Tiffany and sunny (to be continued). [Chapter 321 Eavesdropper (I)] Taeyeon knew what Sika meant and immediately explained, "No more mercy, you guys are enough." Her expression was very sincere, just like the real one, but everyone knew Taeyeon's personality, and questioned Taeyeon's statement. Maybe Taeyon said this today and that tomorrow, and changed too fast, so Yoon gave Sika a look in order to punish TaeyeOn After taking a sip of water, he began to reveal the news. "Taeyan Oni, you have to take care of it. It is said that there are already 26 boys inside and outside the circle who are chasing Sikaoni. Some of them have expressed their love. It is said that they have had dinner with Sikaoni. But I don't know if Sikaoni has accepted them. Anyway, I think Sikauni seems to be very happy when she comes back. She even has gifts from those boys in her hand." "Nani" Taeyeon was shocked after hearing this. She immediately looked at Sika. Sika smiled and said, "Yoon, why did you say it? In fact, there are several boys I like better. I'm an artist. I can't take any action. I can only refuse them." Sika showed a regrettable expression, Taeyeon swallowed saliva, she was thinking that this must be false, Sika someone chasing should be true, if Sika no one chasing Taeyeon would feel abnormal, his woman no one chasing that also got, that he has no vision. But it's a bit fake to go to dinner with them. Taeyeon pretended to be calm and said, "Sika, what Yoona said is fake. You have people chasing me to believe, but it's a bit fake to go to dinner with them." Sika did not speak, took out his cell phone to open the album to show Taeyeon, Taeyeon instantly petrified, a picture appeared in front of him, are Sika with other men to eat photos, some are very intimate. "See, who told you to just look for another woman, not optimistic about Sika Oni, now regret" Yoon son immediately laughed, Yoon son and Hyoyeon they are heterosexual, see these photos she is very happy to see their own Oni with the handsome guy together, she thought Taeyeon will be now this expression, Yoon son began to belly black. Taeyeon continued to flip through the photos in her cell phone. Through the photos, she knew which people had been in contact with Sika. Some were idols in the circle,gold heap leaching, and some were outside the circle. It seemed that these people outside the circle should be very rich. All of them were wearing gold watches and necklaces. It was estimated that they were the second generation of the rich. Sika should look down on these people. Unexpectedly, Sika was bisexual. "How is it?"? How do you feel now? "Sika saw Taeyeon froze and said this sentence. The expression of pondering came out. Taeyeon listened and reacted. She looked at the photo and said," My glass heart is broken. It hurts so much. " ore-magnetic-mining.com

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Super handsome boy (Dasi)