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Pass women's clothes to the escape game boss [unlimited] Full-time Job

Nov 8th, 2022 at 06:13   Barristers   Muzaffarābād   72 views
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Considering the delicate position of the surrounding NPCs, Jiang Xiuxiu did not prepare to ask them about the situation, but first walked around Wang's house to see if he could find out anything. According to the room and layout of the Wang family, Jiang Xiuxiu can find that the Wang family is a typical rural family of five, consisting of grandparents, parents and Wang Xiaoyue. Just wait for Jiang Xiuxiu to search carefully, but she found that if this room is used as a place for players to stay, it's okay, but once it's used as a "home", it seems a little empty. There are no clothes in the wardrobe, no common photos, many cabinets are either empty or a mess of garbage when they are opened. It's like this place has been looted. Jiang Xiuxiu went to Wang Xiaoyue's room to have a look, and she could hardly find anything else except a few broken dolls and awards on the wall. The only thing left is a few yellowed primary school textbooks. Other rooms are the same, "Ye Ming, who went to Wang's parents'room to search, gave a similar reply." Nothing slightly important was left, only some shabby clothes and quilts could be found. " Seeing this, Jiang Xiuxiu gradually had a number in his heart. Wang Xiaoyue disappeared, or after the accident,Stainless Steel Squatting Pan, the rest of the Wang family should have moved away. They took some valuables and necessities and left the village. As for other things, such as the pots and pans in the kitchen, they are left here. Things related to Wang Xiaoyue, perhaps out of nostalgia, were also taken away by them. In this way, in the Wang family, the information that players can get should be limited. If you really want to find out the truth of Wang Xiaoyue's disappearance, you have to go out and have a look later. After understanding this,Self-closing Shower Valve, Jiang Xiuxiu's heart is inevitably somewhat lost. The good thing is that players in this game can earn their own living as long as they can cook. After pulling out some dishes in the yard, the female players made do with the leftover rice. A few hours passed in a flash, and gradually, it was getting late. The sky outside the village was overcast, and as the day passed, the whole village was plunged into darkness. Jiang Xiuxiu and Ye Ming searched carefully for another hour and confirmed that there was no such place as a basement in the Wang family. Then they discussed it and decided to go back to their room and sleep. It was their first day in the game, and the players spent a lot of time in the car, and then in the village, for a long time. When the time slowly reached nine o'clock, everyone began to feel sleepy. After Jiang Xiuxiu finished washing, he went into the woodshed and lay down on a simple bed made by himself. For safety reasons, Ye Ming slept not far from her. The environment of the woodshed is a bit difficult, not to mention the air leakage everywhere, Concealed Flush Valve ,Time Delay Tap, the floor is still very wet. Jiang Xiuxiu lay in the cold bed, only to feel that this is the most difficult environment she has encountered since she played the game for so long. Trying to suppress the discomfort, Jiang Xiuxiu began to recall what had happened during the day, trying to find out what information. After a while, she slowly fell into a deep sleep in her imagination. The day has a thought, the night has a dream. Before Jiang Xiuxiu went to bed, she kept thinking about the wedding procession she saw on the riverbank, and when she fell into a dream, she also dreamed about it. Ginger sleeve sleeve.. Ginger sleeve? At the very beginning of the dream, she was also sleeping in the woodshed. But in the middle of her dream, she was awakened by a familiar call. The voice was very soft, as if someone had deliberately lowered his voice in order not to attract attention. But Jiang Xiuxiu in the dream was easily woken up by the sound. Jiang opened his eyes, got up from the bed, pushed open the door of the woodshed, and looked along the source of the sound. Outside the door of the woodshed stood a thin woman of twenty. She wore an outlandish white dress, and her black hair, thick as seaweed, reached to her waist. She stood faintly in the deserted courtyard, and the moonlight fell on her body, making her skin show an unnatural pallor. At this moment, the woman who appeared inexplicably turned her back to Jiang Xiuxiu. That's what she called out just now. Ginger sleeve sleeve.. I haven't seen you for ages The woman turned her back to her and said softly. Jiang Xiuxiu remembered very clearly that he did not know this woman. But after the woman opened her mouth, Jiang opened her mouth uncontrollably and asked, "Wang Xiaoyue?" The woman's back trembled slightly, and her voice became more and more ethereal: "It's me." She admitted it. In the dream, Jiang Xiuxiu is surprisingly rational. After seeing the woman's back, a strange intuition told her that she was dreaming. If it is Jiang Xiuxiu in reality, he will be vigilant and try not to speak. Somehow, however, the dream of her is quite different from the real one. After confirming that the person in front of him was Wang Xiaoyue, Jiang Xiuxiu in the dream was in a panic and asked eagerly: "Where did you go?"? We're all looking for you! What the hell happened to you? "Where did I go, you ask?" After listening to Jiang Xiuxiu's questioning, the woman gave a strange chuckle. She turned slowly, and her voice became strange and gentle, full of a kind of bewitching taste: "…" If you want to know the answer, follow me. In the bright moonlight, Wang Xiaoyue turned around and turned her face to Jiang Xiuxiu. I do not know when, her clothes, from a thin white skirt, into a red and fussy gorgeous wedding dress! And Wang Xiaoyue's face, from the face of ordinary people, has become a paper face made of paper. She turned out to be the paper bride in the sedan chair that Jiang Xiuxiu had seen on the riverbank before! The next second, Jiang Xiuxiu woke up suddenly. In the darkness, she opened her eyes. No one was calling her, no strange woman,Flush valve price, the room was quiet, only the slight breathing of her and Ye Ming. Faint moonlight flowed through the wooden window. Jiang Xiuxiu moved her hands and feet a little, only to find that her bed was cold. What was the meaning of that dream. cnkexin.com

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