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Legend of Cuckoo.txt _ Replace Full-time Job

Jan 5th, 2023 at 07:01   Trainees & Graduate Positions   Saddiqabad   137 views
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The bookworm sighed, "Huei-fang, nowadays the eunuchs play with power, and the East Factory runs amuck. Are there still few miscarriages of justice in the world?"? I don't know how many innocent people have been arrested and thrown into dark prisons for no reason, and I don't know what happened to them when they died. Chess says: "I see them how to arrest a person in disorder, also won't catch childe." That's hard to say. As the saying goes, "Sitting at home, disaster comes from heaven"! Things in life, it is difficult to say clearly, who knows which day disaster befalls their heads! Waner said, "Childe, you don't really believe what happened in the dream, do you?" "Huei-fang, I don't believe it, but sometimes people don't believe it when it comes to dreams." "So you threw copper coins to ask about good or bad luck?" The bookworm gave a wry smile. "It's just a self-consolation.". I hope this is a dream, not a real one. The little goddess asked with a smile, "Childe, what did you ask?" "Third Mistress, this divination is also strange,Interactive digital signage, and I haven't answered it." "Childe, then how did you avoid disaster?" "I can only resign myself to my fate!" "I have a way to make the Childe seek good luck and avoid disaster." "Oh!"? "What can you do, Third Mistress?" "These ten days and a half months, you stay here, do not go anywhere, there is no official!"! No one will come to arrest the childe and go to prison. "Yes," said Waner! I don't believe that disaster will come from heaven! "That's all very well,temperature screening kiosk, Third and Fourth Misses, but I can't stay here all the time without going home, can I?" The little goddess said, "Aren't you always out sightseeing and haven't been home for almost half a year?"? Why are you so eager to go home at this time? No, no! "That's not what I mean, Miss Wu. I mean I can't stay here all the time and disturb Mrs. Liao. I have to leave." "Childe, do you think it's uncomfortable or inconvenient to live here and want to live somewhere else?" "Don't get me wrong, Third Mistress!"! How can I feel uncomfortable and inconvenient here! As the saying goes, although Liang yuan is good, it is not a place for long-term love. I didn't ask you to be in love for a long time. You can live here for a month or two first. The bookworm was stunned. "For a month or two?" "Yes!"! Stay for a month or two and don't go anywhere. It's a good way to avoid disaster. "You're not joking with me, are you, Third Young Lady?" "My third sister won't joke with you," said Waner! If you are bored, digital whiteboard price ,interactive kiosk price, my third sister and I will come to play with you. Didn't you say you would like to be with us? You won't break your word, will you? "So I'm really going to live here for a month or two?" Little goddess asks: "Childe!"! You won't? "So you've been living here for a month or two?" "Yes!" "You're not going anywhere, either?" "Not bad!"! Maybe we won't leave until June. The bookworm was even more stunned: "Live until June?" Is that not good? In the city of Chongqing alone, there is a lot of scenery and all kinds of delicious food. I'm afraid I can't finish playing and eating until June. The bookworm laughed. "Don't tease me, Third and Fourth Young Lady. You can't live in one place for so long." "Why can't we?" Waner asked. "I don't know anything else, but I know that you two are chivalrous figures. When you come to Sichuan, there must be a reason for everything. I'm different. I just come out to visit the mountains and rivers and enjoy the scenic spots everywhere. How can I stay in one place for a long time?"? Can you still be chivalrous in Jianghu? "Not bad," said the little goddess! We can't stay long, but you can! You're gone! Why are you still living here? "Even if the owner of this place doesn't make a sound, I feel sorry. How can I always bother people?" "All right," said the little goddess with a smile! Childe, you first feel at ease to live here, it seems that these ten days and a half months, we will not go anywhere. Then they chatted with the bookworm about other things, and took their leave and turned back. As soon as he came back, he saw the little monster looking around. Waner asked, "Oh?"? You know you're awake? I thought you were still stretching in bed! "Where have you been?" Asked the little monster? As soon as I woke up and disappeared, I thought you left me alone! "Were you looking around for us?" "Who am I not looking for?" "You're worried about us?" "Can I not worry that you have disappeared quietly?" "Do you know you're worried?" "Why don't I know to worry?" "Think about it. You've been out in Jiading for days and nights. Why don't you think we're worried?" "But you know I'm going out to track the cuckoo, and you." The little goddess said, "I'm sorry, little brother. We went to see the bookworm and saw you fall asleep. So I didn't want to wake you up and let you sleep a lot. These two nights and one day, you are tired and hard enough!" "Third Sister, no matter where you go in the future, you must tell me." Waner asked, "Did you wake you up when you fell asleep?" "Yes!" You went out. How can we tell you? "This-" The little goddess said, "Girl, I'll leave a note." Small monster is busy say: "Right, right!"! Leave a note, and when I come back, I'll know where you've gone, and my heart won't panic. "What are you panicking about?" Waner asked. "I do not know, in short, not you, and do not know where you go, the heart panic!"! Aren't you like me, when you lose your third sister, you feel nervous? Then what are you panicking about? Me!? I panicked. I was alone in a strange place. I don't know what to do! You're a man, not like me, are you? Didn't you wander in Jianghu alone? "I'm afraid something has happened to you!" "All right," said the little goddess! Little brother, haven't you washed your face yet? "Third Sister, as soon as I wake up and don't see you,face recognition identification, I'm in a panic. Are you still busy washing your face?" Waner said, "Hey!"! You dirty cat! If you don't go to wash your face, you will have lunch soon. hsdtouch.com

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