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It's so exciting to watch me eat fish. Full-time Job

Nov 30th, 2022 at 10:19   Technology   Dera Ghazi Khan   193 views
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"All right, I'll take care of it. By the way, there are a lot of things on the farm today, so I won't accompany you to gamble on stones. You can take Yueyue or Miller, and neither of them will work." Yan ran these two younger brothers, a self-proclaimed security captain, can eat very much, do nothing, every day around the farm, see who is not pleasing to the eye like moving claws. One is a child, holding a divinatory symbol plate all day, see who all want to calculate for others, there are really a few said that the calculation is right, come back to him to make a wish. Yan Ran disappointed, "live still have to find you, see you so ugly, the audience can give us a little reward." "Bah!" Wang Yiming felt that if Yan Ran didn't run against him, he would feel uncomfortable. He hung up the boss's phone directly. He wanted to remind Yan Ran that the news that the king of gambling stone was looking for Yan Ran's gambling stone had been posted on the Internet. So many people wanted to see if Yan Ran could continue his good luck. When the time came, there must be reporters hidden in the crowd. He didn't need to broadcast live. The process and results would be written as gossip articles and sent out. Now he doesn't want to remind Yan Ran, let him go to the wave! Yan ran took the phone, looked back, Qin Jinli lay down again, Yan ran did not have a good spirit to rush over, a bite on Qin Jinli's neck,spill plastic pallet, "get up!"! Lazy fish! ———— Knowing that Qin Jinli was going to accompany Yan Ran, Jiang Yan drove his car. The limited edition Maybach S900 had a market price of more than 10 million. Yan Ran was stuffed into the car by Qin Jinli with an expressionless face. When he arrived at the destination, his face was colder than Qin Jinli's! You're sick! Why do so many people come out to show?! Qin Jinli got out of the car, causing a pumping sound around him, as well as reporters hiding in the crowd to take pictures secretly. Yan ran gas straight rolled his eyes, Qin Jinli that mind he also understood, this is to let the whole world know their relationship, this smelly show off fish,foldable bulk container, more than birds can show off! Yan Ran angrily turned his down jacket into a long one, and then changed it into a mask and a hat. He wrapped himself up tightly and got out of the car. Jiang Yan looked at Yan Ran with a smile and competed with Qin Jinli. He kindly reminded him: "Master Yan, you still have to show your face later. No one who comes here to watch the game doesn't know you." Yan Ran:.. Please shut up! It's just a game for two people. It's just for fun. I really don't know why these humans come to visit! Are you free?! Yan ran regretted that he should not have agreed. Qin Jinli opened the car door and dragged Yan Ran down. "Let you play enough this time," he said lightly. "Don't play any more." Yan ran swallowed saliva, play enough meaning, is not allowed to touch the gambling stone in the future? That is to say, can you make a lot of money today? Qin Jinli helplessly rubbed Yan Ran's head, across the hat, hidden in the hands of the gas of good luck into Yan Ran's body without hindrance, this silly cat, the body of good luck and the body of wealth together, earn less is strange. Yan ran felt the aura, a surprise to grasp Qin Jinli's wrist, eyes are laughing into a seam, "fish brother!"! Ha ha ha Do not play in the future, today is not a loss ah, ah ~ ~ have a feeling of winning ~ ~ Reporters hiding in the crowd quickly filmed the scene, plastic pallet box ,plastic pallet manufacturer, and the press release was already being written. At this time, a young man dressed in white came out of the crowd, a few steps later, has come to Qin Jinli's side, waved to Yan Ran, "Hi ~" Phoenix eyes, aquiline nose, very handsome, a familiar bird flavor, at this time Yan ran all the impressions of Bai Jing, Yan ran shrugged his nose, suddenly realized, "You are Cen Tongen." Uncle? Bai Jing smiled and admitted generously, "Yes, I am his uncle who is a civil servant." Qin Jinli grabbed Yan Ran's wrist and pulled Yan Ran behind him. In his cold eyes, his naked dislike was like substance. "What are you doing here?" With a voice heard by only three people, Bai Jing said with a smile, "We've known each other for thousands of years. We've fought together and taken risks. How can we be friends? Can you be friendly to me?" With a cold face, Qin Jinli said indifferently, "Put away your cynical attitude. It's not pleasing to the eye.". ” Bai Jing's face paused and he spread out his hands. "Well, be serious and stop making trouble.". I want to see how much money the King of Fortune and the Lucky Cat can make in the gambling circle. You don't have to look at me so defensively, otherwise, "Bai Jing looked around and said with a smile," I don't know. I thought I was going to rob you for a partner. " ” Yan ran subconsciously looked around, others look at their eyes are very excited, gossip, enthusiasm. Anyway, very complicated, Yan ran dragged Qin Jinli, motioned him to go in, the onlookers may really feel that the relationship between the three of them is very delicate. Gambling stone market gave Zhang Dahai face, in the second floor alone out of a small warehouse, let two people buy stones on the first floor, cut on the second floor, so that no matter who lost, can save face. As soon as Yan Ran entered the door, security personnel asked him to go upstairs, and Zhang Dahai and several of his apprentices had already arrived. Zhang Dahai and his disciples are all over forty years old. Everyone has spent a lot of time in this circle. They also do business in this line. They have a rich family, and naturally they have a bit of pressure on people. The young people who were in charge of serving tea all sympathized with Yan Ran. Yan Ran was so young that he was sure to be overwhelmed by their momentum as soon as he entered the door. When he gambled on the stone, he relied on Mongolia. If his judgment was not accurate, he would lose? The waiters are right, that's what they think, because they are in their forties, and they don't want to recognize a young man in his early twenties as Shigong! I'm sure Shifu will win, but! What if?! There is no possibility at all! As soon as Yan Ran took Qin Jinli, Bai Jing, and Jiang Yan, who was following him, into the door, all the people in the room were stunned. The one beside Yan Ran stepped into the door, and the whole room felt something pressing down. After recognizing the identity of Qin Jinli, everyone kept silent. With their little money,plastic pallet supplier, they could still stand up in front of ordinary small entrepreneurs. In front of this one, it was not enough to lie down. Qin Jinli didn't even say hello to them. He found a chair and sat there indifferently. "Let's start," he said coldly. cnplasticpallet.com

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