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Deception Group 1-3 [Fine Edition] (Volume 1-14 Complete) Full-time Job

Nov 8th, 2022 at 06:04   Trainees & Graduate Positions   Muzaffarābād   63 views
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The next morning, the girls' dormitory exploded, the school leaders came, there were many teachers guarding the gate to prevent students from entering, and later asked the students to know that there had been a murder. Heard that morning, room 106 was very late and there was no movement, a girl wanted to go in to see if they had not got up, but as soon as they opened the door, they were petrified, and it took a long time to call out. Almost all the girls who had seen the scene were scared to scream, and some even fainted. According to the description of the first girl who went in, the scene of Room 106 at that time was like this-the door opened, the eyes were full of gorgeous red, and the blood flooded everything like a flood. Xiaolou, covered with blood, sat kneeling in the middle of the bedroom,non standard fasteners, with a strange face with a dull smile under his messy long hair, staring silently at the cold corpse in front of him. Xiao Yixuan's body trembled slightly after he finished speaking, and it took him a long time to calm down. Do you know what happened to Ye Xiaolou? I asked. According to the known information, she is probably the legendary female ghost holding a baby. He wiped his face vigorously to refresh himself, and then said, "I heard she was sent to a psychiatric sanatorium in the suburbs, but I don't know if she's still there." "Do you have the addresses or phone numbers of the other two girls?" "I'm in a different class from them,Stainless steel foundry, and I'm not very familiar with them, so I haven't been in touch with them since graduation." "That's not going to be easy!" Zhen Zhen frowned and interrupted. I heard that your hospital often loses the heart of the dead. Is there such a thing? I stared into his eyes, and he unconsciously avoided my gaze. "I've heard of it, but I'm not sure.". As you know, this kind of thing affects the reputation of the hospital very much. The leader asks to deal with it in a low-key way and block the news as much as possible, so I don't know much. "Oh, that's disturbing!" I said goodbye to him and left the consulting room with Zhen. The surname Xiao seems to know something. As soon as he stepped out of the consulting room, Zhen said. He's not a suspect. We can't force him to say something he doesn't want to say. I spread out my hands helplessly. How to investigate the loss of the heart? "Let's put it aside for the time being. This is related to the reputation of the hospital, and the hospital may not be very cooperative.". And if the hospital knew what was going on, it wouldn't have lost so many hearts. I took out a cigarette and put it in my mouth, but I didn't light it. Then I said, alloy die casting ,die cast light housing, "We have to let the boss get through the relationship to investigate it in depth. Let's go for a walk in the suburbs first.." We drove to the psychiatric nursing home on the outskirts of the city, which was like a white prison. Every door was made of solid stainless steel, but angels in white took the place of prison guards and guarded prisoners in hospital gowns. Visiting here is like visiting a prison. Perhaps the biggest difference is that visitors have to pay for their relatives and friends who are imprisoned here. At the service desk, I inquired about the information about the night building, but the nurse gave me an answer that surprised me for a long time: "Dead." "Dead?"? How and when did you die? I suspect that the crazy Xiaolou is the female ghost holding the baby. If she has been discharged from the hospital or is missing, but has passed away, then who is continuing to kill? Is it really a ghost? "I've been dead for eight or nine years. I committed suicide." The nurse answered coldly, as if it was only a stray cat that had died. Are you sure she's really dead? I still don't give up and reconfirm. If you die, you die. How can you be sure? The nurse was obviously impatient and raised her voice unconsciously to attract the attention of the people around her. Does her doctor still work here? I want to ask him about Ye Xiaolou's life. Live to see people, die to see corpses, if the clues are interrupted, it will be more difficult to find out who is the real murderer in the remaining days than to climb the sky. It happened eight or ten years ago. Many doctors have been transferred to other hospitals. I'll find them for you there. The nurse then went to do other things and did not want to pay any more attention to me. I was a little discouraged for a while. Fortunately, I had a good quality in my heart and was more thick-skinned than others. I immediately cheered up and pestered the nurse to ask for the information of Ye Xiaolou. The nurse printed one for me impatiently. There is a headshot on the information, although the eyes of the lovely person in the photo are dull, but it is lovely and pitiful, as Xiao Yixuan said, she is really beautiful. When I looked at the contents of the data to find out useful information, I suddenly found a head poking over beside me-a cleaning lady in her fifties. Seeing her staring at the headshot on the file, I felt that God had treated me well and immediately asked her, "Do you know her?" Aunt nodded: "She has stayed here before, a little impression." Then he slowly narrated the dribs and drabs of Ye Xiaolou's hospitalization. She is a quiet one in the courtyard. She doesn't talk much at ordinary times. She always hides in the corner and reads books. For us, this kind of patient is the best, basically do not have to worry about them, in addition to feeding them to wipe the body, do not have to care about them. Unlike those patients who often make trouble, they have to be tied to the bed with cloth belts. Originally, patients like her generally do not leave a deep impression on people, after all, there are too many patients here. The reason why I can remember her after such a long time is not only because she is very beautiful, but also because she made a big mess later. Her attending doctor was a young man surnamed Ou, who had just come here at that time, was not married, and I heard that he had no girlfriend. Perhaps, she is really too beautiful, beautiful to bring trouble to herself. Xiao Ou got along with her day and night, and over time he fell in love with her. Or it should be said that he had evil intentions, and he actually killed his own patient. Although she had some problems in her head, she still knew how to resist Xiao Ou's violence and scratched him all over. Afterwards,DIN screw plug, she curled up in the corner and kept sobbing. To be honest, she was no different from an ordinary girl at that time, which made people feel sad when they looked at her. autoparts-dx.com

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