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Cannon Fodder Counterattack of Quick Penetration Full-time Job

Dec 6th, 2022 at 05:16   Technology   Dera Ghazi Khan   108 views
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Two rows of fireballs moved forward with them, and before they had gone far, the fireballs stopped moving forward. At the end of the road was an altar, on which was a black shiny square box with a special totem. Wind chimes know in their hearts, I'm afraid this is the artifact. The golden whip was so excited at this time that he almost flew out of the body of the wind chime. Feng Ling looked at Feng Wen Jiu warily. She wanted to get the artifact but couldn't figure out Feng Wen Jiu's idea. At this time, a guess jumped out of the wind chime brain, and the wind chime was excited. Did he know that only he could open the box, so he grabbed himself to open the box and grab the artifact? If this is true, there is no way to stop it. Just as she was thinking nervously, Feng Wenjiu touched the shiny box and suddenly said, "Father only lets you take this box. It's really partial.". I just found out, too. It's a little sour to speak. Wind chimes opened their eyes wide. Father? Is he? ···· Wind chimes couldn't believe it: "Brother?" Feng Wenjiu turned his head and looked at her with a smile. "You recognized me." Wind chimes are still not sure, said: "You, how can you be a brother?"? He clearly.. "You succeeded in collecting the eight artifacts, and I came back to life." Feng Wenjiu said, "However, something went wrong during the resurrection. Time and space were distorted,Nail Making Machine manufacturers, and I was transported to the past, that is, the present." The wind chimes were stunned. You mean I finally succeeded in resurrecting you? Is this the equivalent of a spoiler? This kind of question is a bit like a paradox, if you know the plot, change the plot, and finally do not collect the eight artifacts, will this brother disappear now? It's a bit of a headache just thinking about it. The glittering eyes of the wind chimes looked at him and said,wire nail making machine, "What evidence do you have to prove that you are a brother?" She was ambivalent at the moment. I can't believe it, but I desperately hope it's true. If it's not my brother, how do I know you can open this box? Little Bell. Feng Wenjiu said. Wind chimes burst into tears when they heard the name "Little Bell". That's what my brother called her when I was a kid! She didn't expect to hear it again after such a long time, which made her feel a lot of emotion for a while. Fengling has confirmed that he is the elder brother. Because in addition to Feng Rong, that is, the elder brother will know the secret of the artifact. These secrets are only known by the royal family, and no one else has a chance to get these top secret information. Elder Brother Windbell's eyes were misty with tears, and he opened his arms to give him a century hug. Don't.. "Feng Wenjiu stepped back and explained to the surprised eyes of the wind chimes," I'm smelly.. " Yes, zombies are a rotten smell, close to the smell is not sour. Wind chimes smile through tears, and my brother is still so smug. This reminds her of Zhu Xianyuan, Nail Making Machine price ,Nail Making Machine manufacturers, at the beginning she always felt that Zhu Xianyuan gave her a very kind feeling, this feeling is so familiar but did not remember. Now that I have recovered my childhood memories, it turns out that Zhu Xianyuan is very similar to her brother! The same love clean, the same smug, the same love and care for my sister. But their own brother is more handsome, the wind chimes secretly thought. Wind chimes for a time like the heart was illuminated by the sun, the mood is also suddenly clear. She has been wandering in the world like a lonely soul. Whether sad or happy, there is only one person to taste, what things can only be borne by themselves, like floating duckweed on the surface of the water without roots, the heart is empty. Now that I finally have a brother, my heart is filled with warmth in an instant. It finally feels like home! Like a fallen leaf dangling in the air, floating for a long time, finally fell back to the embrace of Mother Earth, and lay down quietly. Soybean-like tears fell down in big drops, and the wind chimes choked: "Brother.. I finally see you again." She ignored the smell of zombies and hugged them. Feng Wenjiu also sighed with emotion for a long time. He patted the wind chimes on the back and said, "Well, don't cry. The little bell is good." While sighing with emotion, he also held a meeting and thought, "Fortunately, I knew I was going to see my sister today, so I took a bath first, otherwise the smell would have to make her dizzy directly.". Wind chimes out of the embrace, see the image of Feng Wenjiu now can not help but burst out. Such a person who loves to be smug and clean, it's really hard for him to come through and become a smelly and dirty zombie. Brother, why are you here? Asked the wind chimes. Of course.. "Feng Wenjiu suddenly paused, rolled his eyes and said," Of course it's for the artifact. I saw you had a tough job, so I came to be an assistant. Wind chimes immediately understand. With so many high-level zombies, she may not succeed in breaking in. But when Feng Wenjiu comes over and becomes the Zombie King, he can directly turn on the green light for the wind chimes. That's why he chose zombies with the stench of zombies. But why did he pause just now? As if to say something but hesitated to say it. Volume 2 Chapter 212 End of the World Zombies (53) There is another reason why Feng Wenjiu came down. He contacted Feng Rong, and then through the hacker technology into the experience system to find the wind chimes being experienced. However, the picture he saw was the scene of Qi Lan XXOO (cough cough) after the wind chimes were enchanted. He was furious at once. Who is so desperate to touch his sister! If he hadn't seen the wind chimes protecting Qi Lan, he would have been serious with Qi Lan. At least teach him a lesson now. He checked the current strength of the zombie mainland is about to count the corpse king, so endure the cleanliness to wear over. Nourished by the aura of the artifact, these zombies have become high-level zombies. Of course, Fengling's Oshima Mountain is also full of Reiki, but the Reiki here can not be compared with the pure Reiki from the Nine Heavens, so the strength of Fengling is not as good as the Corpse King. Wind chimes had defeated a "corpse king" before, but it turned out that the zombie was just a very common one among the senior zombies. There are many corpses whose strength is no less than that of wind chimes. Of course,wire nail machine manufacturers, Feng Wenjiu will not tell the wind chimes these, this little girl was obviously cheated by that hateful man, and now the heart is on his side. 3shardware.com

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