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The Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy Full-time Job

Jan 5th, 2023 at 07:13   Barristers   Warah   137 views
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"So, this." The shadow sat down in a large and comfortable chair and said, "…" It was the Krikkit War, the most severe that our galaxy has ever encountered. A heavy disaster. What you've been through.. Slartibartfast floated aside and beckoned. "It's just an expansion," he shouted. "It's not interesting.". I'm really sorry. I was looking for the rewind button.. “…… It is a hundred million trillion, innocent. "Please don't!" Slartibartfast floated over again, angrily tossing the object he had just inserted — still inserted — into the wall of the Information Phantom Room. There. "Promised to buy something he said." “…… People, creatures, your fellow citizens.. At this time, the background music suddenly amplified the volume, which is quite a huge music, a huge harmony. Behind the speaker, gradually, from the huge whirlpool Three tall pillars appeared in the fog. …… What has been experienced, what has survived-or, more likely, what has not survived. Think about it, my friends. Let us never forget-I will horse Here's a way to remember that before the Krikkit War, the galaxy was outstanding,Inflatable indoor park, incomparably beautiful, and a happy galaxy! The music is now in a state of madness. A happy galaxy, my friends, symbolized by the wicket! The three pillars are now clearly visible. At the top of the three pillars, there were two crosses, which seemed surprisingly familiar to Arthur, whose mind was in a mess. "Three pillars," the man shouted at the top of his voice. "Steel pillars,Jumping castle with slide, representing the power and energy of the Milky Way!" The searchlight swept frantically over the pole, and it was obvious that it was made of steel or something like that. The music roared furiously. "The plexiglass column," the man shouted, "represents the scientific and rational power of the galaxy!" Other searchlights danced strangely around the pillar on the right, reflecting dazzling patterns on the transparent pillar. Arthur felt something in his stomach. A sudden craving for ice cream. "Finally," the deafening voice continued, "the wooden pillar represents.." His voice was now a little hoarse and full of good feelings. “…… The power of nature and spirit. The lights were focused on the middle pillar. The sound of the music rose to a level that was completely inexpressible. "What they hold up between them," the voice continued, matching the atmosphere, "is the golden crossbar of prosperity and the silver crossbar of peace!" At this time, up and down are all dizzy lights, but the music has been too high to hear at all. The two most brilliant crossbars at the top of the pillars also shone. It's so hard to open your eyes. There seemed to be some girls sitting on it, perhaps angels, Inflatable water park factory ,Inflatable meltdown, although the usual impression of angels was much more dressed than they were. In a flash, there was a dramatic silence and the lights went out. Never.. The professional voice trembled, "There has never been a civilization that did not revere this symbol, even today.". Even On that uncivilized planet, it also remains in the national memory. It, however, was destroyed by the Krikkit War. And they have now locked their world away until The end of eternity! The man turned over his hands in an exaggerated way and produced a model of the wicket. In this weird show, it's hard to judge the proportions of objects, but this model looks good. It's only three feet high. Of course, the key is not the original. The original key, as we all know, has been destroyed and swept into the vortex of eternal chaos in time and space, and can no longer be found. I can't. This, on the other hand, is an excellent replica, hand-made by skilled craftsmen, which integrates ancient secret craftsmanship into such a precious souvenir. Be proud to have it. It commemorates those who have passed away and expresses reverence for the Milky Way, our galaxy. People gave their lives for it. Slartibartfast floated out again. "Yes," he said. "We don't have to look at this garbage. Anyway, don't nod. ” "Now, let us bow our heads in reverence and agreement —" The voice became strange for a moment, and then said it again, only faster, and It's backwards. The lights come on and go out. The goalpost is gone. The man withdrew into the void. The universe was quickly put back together. Do you have a general idea? Said Slartibartfast. "I feel terrible," said Arthur, "and very confused." "I fell asleep." Ford floated out. "Did I miss something?" They found themselves at the top of a terrible cliff, and they stumbled on the edge of it. The wind whipped them in the face and kept blowing. To the harbor in the distance, where the strongest and largest space fleet in the history of the galaxy was moored, but now it burned out in an instant. The sky was first grey and pink. The color gradually changed into a more strange deep blue, then black. An amazing thick fog was billowing in the sky. Historical events flash back quickly around them, which is difficult. Distinguish clearly. After a while, a huge battle ship flew over their heads, and they could not help saying "Yo", only to recognize that it was their most open. The first scene I saw. However, the rewind is a little too fast. A raised stain on the tape caused them to shake and skip centuries of galactic history. The picture is reversed and distorted. Shaking, shaking and jumping, the sound is only a little trembling. In this condensed history, they have seen terrible disasters, deep fears, the impact of turmoil, and all these scenes are constantly repeated, the only thing is not. The picture of change is a wicket, a hard red ball, some hard white robots,inflatable amusement park, and other black things that don't know what they are. There is also a feeling that is increasingly evident in the face of the shudder of history: for example, if a series of slow clicks begins to speed up, each. joyshineinflatables.com

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Give up you, next life.