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I can't live like this. Full-time Job

Nov 11th, 2022 at 05:33   Technology   Daska Kalan   139 views
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Xie Shu looked at him appreciatively: "You still have a good eye." King of Wuling this time, the emperor was happy, it is said that the day he was summoned to the palace to have a long talk, a talk is a night. They didn't sleep all night, and Xie Shu was not much better. The emperor regarded her as a thorn in the flesh, and the king of Wuling had a grudge against the Xie family. Together, the two men had prepared dozens of ways for her to die, right? Alas, how can I live this life. The emperor was tired all night, and the next morning the court stopped. Xie Shu was very grateful to him, at least he didn't have to get up early in the morning to tie his chest. As soon as he jumped out of the door happily, Mu Bai Youyou came up and said, "Childe, the King of Wuling has just sent someone to return the gift you sent." Mu Bai had long been brainwashed by the concept of "the Xie family is the first in the Jin Dynasty". He didn't think that giving a gift to the King of Wuling was fawning on him at all. It was absolutely charity. So now that he had returned the gift, he felt extremely uncomfortable. He just suggested that Xie Shu go to fight with the King of Wuling. Xie Shu thought that the king of Wuling was probably drawing a clear line with her. He curled his lips and said, "Forget it. Whatever he wants." "Childe." Mu Bai is very sad, you should make progress! After that, the king of Wuling kept a low profile and did not go to court early for several days. Originally, Xie Shu thought he couldn't see him for the time being, but the emperor was really a coquettish, and soon he couldn't help showing off that he had a helper. He ordered a banquet in the palace to welcome the king of Wuling, and the officials had to be present. Xie Shu was preparing in the room and wanted to go to court, but then he thought that the king of Wuling had drawn a clear line with himself, so why should he give him face? When it was time to put on a show, he asked Mu Bai to fetch civilian clothes for himself. Mu Bai was in high spirits and expressed great support for her high-spirited fighting power. When the banquet was set for You, Xie Shu deliberately pinched the point to go. As soon as he arrived at the palace gate, the officials were already in line, and they all saluted her. The prime minister has special permission to drive into the first palace gate. Xie Shu sat in the car and passed by without even showing his face. The capital given by the old man is not used in vain. At this time, of course, we should seize the opportunity. At the second palace gate, Xie Shu got out of the car, and the palace people came to meet him. Mu Bai retreated. Just as she was about to walk, she drove slowly from the direction of the inner palace. It must be a prince. Not long after, a boy of eleven or twelve years old got out of the car, who was the ninth son of the present emperor. Xie Shu straightened up and said, "See.." "Bah!" The nine princes spat mercilessly and interrupted her visit. "It's just a bastard, pretending to go to the palace. Do you deserve it?" Left and right frightened, Xie Shu himself was also a little surprised. The nine princes were the most favored by the emperor, and they were usually arrogant, digital whiteboard price , but it was really surprising that they dared to ridicule her in public. She thought about it and suddenly remembered that the emperor had proposed to abolish the crown prince and set up nine princes, but was obstructed by Xie Mingguang. No wonder, this is another enemy. The nine princes were still angry and hit her hard when they passed by her. Xie Shu was caught off guard and fell down, his clothes just hanging on the wheel. Next to the palace people scared half dead, hurriedly to help, and suddenly retreated away. Xie Shu was surprised and stood up with one hand holding her, but the corner of her clothes was caught by the nail on the wheel and cracked with a "hissing" sound. ……” She really did not know what to say, turned to look at the man, but saw a flash of sword in front of her eyes, immediately frightened her neck shrank. And then, and then the corner of her coat that was wrapped around the wheel was cut open. See King Wuling. The left and right palace people knelt on the ground. Xie Shu twitched the corners of his mouth and cut off his robe as soon as he came up. That's really great! Chapter II The king of Wuling did not wear court clothes, but wore a frost-white robe embroidered with grass patterns and piping. His black hair was not tied into a bun, and his long body stood like jade. It happened that he was in such a leisurely and contented state, with a long sword at his waist. The emperor was so partial that he allowed him to walk in the palace with a sword. As soon as Xie Shu finished, the King of Wuling put away his sword and turned to look over. She was slightly stunned. Wei Yizhi, the king of Wuling, has been called a jade man since childhood. Originally, it was only a saying here for her. At this time, she really felt this when she saw a real person. Eyes like paint, eyebrows like far Dai is not enough to describe, he just stands like this, it has the ability to make people unable to move their eyes. Clothes when the wind, wide sleeve inspiration, has a romantic charm, only a look in the eyes also makes people from the bottom of my heart winding out a lot of reverie. It is said that someone in Jiankang once praised it as "the appearance of Xiu in the distant mountains and the appearance of the bright moon in the clouds", which is really worthy of it. Thank you for your courtesy. Wei Yizhi raised his hand to salute and behaved elegantly. Xie Shu's line of sight swept a circle on his face, reluctantly overturned Mu Bai's evaluation of him, and returned half a salute: "King Wuling is courteous." One side of the nine princes looked very uncomfortable, rushed over to pull Wei Yizhi: "Zhongqing brother, what do you do to help him?"? Such treacherous court officials. "Your Highness should go and see Your Majesty as soon as possible." Wei Yizhi made a wink at the palace people around him, and the nine princes were immediately coaxed away. He turned his head to take a look at Xie Shu's clothes and said kindly, "Just now the king had no choice but to do so. Don't blame Xie Xiang.". I don't know if Xie Xiang has prepared clothes, but I have a set of clothes in my chariot, but I'm afraid Xie Xiang dislikes it. "How could it be?" Xie Shupi smiled and did not smile, "as long as the king of Wuling did not dislike the truth." "Where is it? Xie Xiang is too polite." Wei Yizhi smiled all the time and immediately ordered the palace people to ask Xie Shu to go to his carriage to change clothes. Xie Shu thanked him and left with a look of calm acceptance. Her own car was luxurious, but Wei Yizhi was now the king of Wuling and fu, but his car was only a five-grade official. Tut, if not really noble character, is deliberately made to compare with her, a virtuous king and a courtier, high and low points. Cunning! Xie Shu ordered the palace people to stay outside the car and boarded the car to change clothes. Sure enough, there were clothes in the car, which were brand new, but the material was really ordinary. But even so, it was much better than what she was wearing before she entered the door of Xie's house. She smiled and put it on without hesitation. Arriving at the Tongguang Hall where the banquet was held, the little eunuch who was singing almost didn't recognize Xie Shu. hsdtouch.com

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