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How heavy is love? Full-time Job

Nov 8th, 2022 at 06:22   Trainees & Graduate Positions   Mustafābād   120 views
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A girl with dyed yellow hair came out of the door with a list. Wang Wenhao's feet were stretched out, and she almost tripped. The girl glared at Wang Wenhao with a ferocious look and scolded him with a northern Jiangsu accent: "Coquettish man, don't look at the occasion, this young lady is not free!" She regarded Wang Wenhao as her former whoremaster. Wang Wenhao smiled awkwardly. After a while, the girl came back and went into the gynecology department. Then she walked out with a pregnant woman about her age. Dr. Jiang poked his head out of the door and said to them, "Gu Lanying, come to the hospital when you are due." The pregnant woman turned around and said, "I know." Mu Qianru watched intently as the pregnant woman slowly walked away and disappeared at the top of the stairs. She was still staring at it. "Next, Mu Qianru," Dr. Jiang shouted from the door. Mu Qianru stood up and said, "Oh, here we are!" Wang Wenhao breathed a long breath of relief and stood up and put his hand on Mu Qianru's shoulder to go. Mu Qianru dodged his hand and strode into the door. Wang Wenhao followed him in shyly. After Dr. Jiang asked Mu Qianru, he looked up at her and asked, "Why did you abort the child you were pregnant with at this age and the first child?"? What a pity! Mu Qianru glanced at Wang Wenhao beside her and said coldly, "No!" Dr. Jiang is a knowledgeable person, and he has seen a lot of things. She buried herself in writing the operation sheet. Finish writing,ghana seed extract, she asks Wang Wenhao: "Are you her family member?"? Sign it! She pushed the surgical sheet. Wang Wenhao was about to sign when Mu Qianru grabbed it and signed it herself. Wang Wenhao smiled awkwardly. Dr. Jiang waved to him: "You wait outside the door!" " Wang Wenhao looked at Mu Qianru and said, "Qianru, I'm outside the door. I'll take you home later." As soon as he finished, his cell phone rang. Oh, it's Mayor Wu! With a smile on his face, he nodded and said,pumpkin seed extract, "Yes, yes.". I will go back to the Bureau to report to you on the situation of creating a healthy city. Wang Wenhao turned off his cell phone with a bitter face. He said to Mu Qianru, "Qianru, I can't accompany you.". Mayor Wu has something to do with me, so I have to go. Take a taxi home by yourself later. Mu Qianru bit her lip, did not speak, and gave Wang Wenhao a back. Wang Wenhao stayed for a while and took out a pile of money and gave it to Mu Qianru. Mu Qianru sneered, "Am I short of money?" She threw a pile of money at Wang Wenhao, and the money floated all over the floor. Wang Wenhao picked up the money with a wry smile and left. Mu Qianru followed Dr. Jiang into the operating room. She sat down on the operating table and began to undress. In the corridor, two nurses hurried to the operating room with an operating cart, on which lay a pale woman. A nurse in front pulled open the door of the operating room, best green coffee bean extract ,gynostemma pentaphyllum leaf extract, turned her head and shouted at the door of the obstetrics and gynecology department, "Dr. Jiang, there is an ectopic pregnancy and massive bleeding!" Doctor Jiang quickly said to Mu Qianru, "I'm sorry. I want to grab the knife. I'll give you an abortion later.". You can sit in my office for a while. Dr. Jiang and two nurses immediately got busy. Mu Qianru hurriedly dressed and walked out of the operating room. Mu Qianru sat at Dr. Jiang's desk in a daze for a while. She took out her cell phone and called, "Hey, Yanyan, are you free?"? I have an abortion in the women's health care center. Well, I can't tell you clearly for a while. All right, I'll wait for you! Then, she dialed a telephone again: "Cao Fan, did the contract book with Kailan company do well?"? You can put it on my desk. I won't go to work these two days. I'm a little sick. I'm fine. Oh, don't come to the Women's Health Care Center! Hang up. Sima Yan rushed into Dr. Jiang's office in a gust of wind. She split her face and asked Mu Qianru, "Qianru, what's wrong?"? How to have a good stream of people? When Mu Qianru saw Sima Yan, she burst into tears and said, "I don't know what medicine Wen Hao took wrong. He insisted that I abort this child!" Sima Yan looked surprised. "How dare you!"! Does he have another woman? Mu Qianru: I asked him, but he denied it. I first said that the child was conceived after contraception. He said that the child after contraception was not healthy and asked me to abort it. Later, I said I was pregnant without contraception. He didn't believe it and said that the child belonged to someone. I'm so angry! If he doesn't want the baby, do I have to give birth to it? Sima Yan: You can't abort this child! Wang Wenhao is dragging his feet and refuses to marry you. Now he doesn't want this child. This boy must have changed his mind. He has another woman 100%! Cao Fan pushed the door and said: "General Manager Mu, you make it easy for me to find!" Mu Qianru: "What are you doing here?" She quickly introduced to Sima Yan, "This is Cao Fan, the sales manager of my company." Sima Yan glanced at Cao Fan, stood up and shook hands with him. "I'm a good friend of Qianru. I just got here. Manager Cao is so fast!" She said in a pun. Cao Fan blushed and quickly let go of Sima Yan's hand. He smiled and said, "General Manager Mu didn't come to work yesterday.". I heard she was ill. I came to see her. I heard your conversation. Did Wang Wenhao have another woman? Mu Qianru said, "Don't listen to Yanyan." Chapter II 3. Sima Yan: "Well, I'm talking nonsense.". But there must be something wrong with this boy. How can he be willing to abort his own flesh and blood? You must not beat this child. When he is born, see if he dares not marry you! Cao Fan listened to the heart is not the taste. He jumped to Rida Company and fell in love with Mu Qianru, but she already had a boyfriend, Wang Wenhao. Just half a year as a colleague, Mu Qianru became his immediate superior, and later she became the boss, he and her distance is getting bigger and bigger. But their relationship is very good, Mu Qianru trusts him very much, no matter the big and small things of official and private affairs like to send Cao Fan to do, privately regard him as a friend. Cao Fan called her General Manager Mu in front of people and Qianru behind them, and she was also willing to call her name by Cao Fan. Cao Fan heard that she was ill yesterday. It turned out that she was pregnant. Wang Wenhao asked her to abort the child! This Wang Wenhao is really not a thing, how so irresponsible! It seems that there is something wrong with their relationship. In this case,stesweet stevia, it is better to abort the child! Cao Fan looked at Mu Qianru and said, "General Manager Mu, I think you'd better abort this child.". Being sloppy will only do you more harm! prius-biotech.com

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