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A rogue son of heaven Full-time Job

Dec 23rd, 2022 at 06:53   Solicitors   Sahiwal   35 views
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Every time Liu Zheng entered the imperial city, there would be rivers of blood and corpses in the streets and alleys, most of which were the capital army and the imperial guards. Liu Zheng failed to find follwed,heavy duty racking system, these people became the scapegoat. No one wants to face Liu Zheng, because no one wants to die, so no one would like to join the imperial army and the capital army. In the eyes of these people, Liu Zheng is no longer a man, but a God! An invincible God! The dense clouds were getting lower and lower, and the sound of hoofbeats broke the silence of the long street, from far to near. Ai Zhang and Ping Yan's heart sank like heavy lead, as if they felt a cold wave flowing through the void, covering every inch of space. Xi Yu. "" The horses of Ai Zhang and Ping Yan hissed and raised their hooves uneasily,Pallet rack upright, and the mounts of the ten commanders of the imperial army also hissed uneasily. Mourning chapter waved his hand, ten teams of the imperial army quickly separated, from the Changle Palace that destroyed the palace gate to slide out of the hundreds of ballista, in mourning chapter and Pingyan horses in front of a line, arrows already set on the string, aimed at the other end of the long street. The sword of the imperial army was thrust aside, holding a big bow, and the crossbow was strung and arrowed at a super-fast speed, all of which showed its excellent training. Arrows, almost blocked every inch of space, sad chapter confident, even a fly can not fly over the Changle Palace. Of course, Liu Zheng is not a fly, but the emperor of Wulin! Ten thousand guards, two hundred ballista, the void is almost all arrow shadow, from the long street, Warehouse storage racks ,Drive in racking system, it is like a row of long thick walls with barbs! It was densely packed with two hundred feet of open space outside the Changle Palace. On every tile edge beside the long street, on the outer wall of Changle Palace, there are countless crossbow arrows, which are particularly crowded under the low and dark sky. It is precisely because of the crowd that the killing machine is so thick that it is suffocating. Everyone's mind is very tight, Ai Zhang and Ping Yan's hand unconsciously has been put on the waist, touch on the sword hilt, only feel cool, is the palm of the hand sweat. The hoofbeats were still ringing, as if they had been as long as centuries, and every hoofbeat seemed to ring in the hearts of every imperial guard, as if the late horse was trampling on their hearts. Long street wind, sand and stones flying, so that the original gloomy but fresh sky has become a muddy. The sad chapter was shocked to find that a ray of sunshine flew down from the low dark clouds in the sky, and like a blade, it quickly cut the dark clouds into a clear cloud boundary, like a river of light in the dark clouds moving rapidly towards the long street. On both sides of the river of light, the lightning intensified, like thousands of silver snakes falling from the sky, intertwined and tangled in the void, turning into a ball of light and falling at the end of the long street, exploding a layer of dust and smoke. In the desolate dust and smoke and the tangled electric fire, the sound of hoofbeats suddenly appeared in the chaotic and confused world. The figure was getting closer and closer, the hoofbeats were getting louder and louder, and the dust and leaves, as well as the broken tiles rolled up by the gale, caused a strange storm to rise over the long street. It's six rides! Only six rides! Ai Zhang and Ping Yan's eyes flashed a sharp awn, and he counted the number of people who had rolled up in the storm. They also know that what should come has finally come, and it has come into their vision in an unexpected form, as if it were a confused dream, but it has grasped everyone's heart. Ten thousand imperial guards each person's face is the same pale, as if just put on a thin layer of frost, the cold killing machine like this late autumn chill into everyone's heart, and then into fear all over the body. Swish.. The archers on the tile edges on both sides of the long street finally could not bear the all-pervasive killing and loosened the strings in their hands. Arrows, like rain, densely blocked every inch of space, and then densely penetrated into the sad storm, but in the storm they turned into powder, and then whirled in the dust with the broken leaves and tiles, making the confused storm more chaotic. Kill! Ai Zhang waved his hand and shouted, but he couldn't stand the murderous look that was getting more and more crazy, and the pressure that was getting more and more intense. So I don't want to be silent anymore. Swish.. The powerful arrows in the ballista fell like locusts all over the sky, blocking almost every inch of the long street. Ten thousand guards also loosened their strings at the same time, and tens of thousands of arrows had only one common goal, that is, six men and six riders in the center of the storm! Whoa.. In a huge thunderclap, the river of light that separated the dense clouds in the sky suddenly poured down and turned into a bright but huge sword, cutting through the clouds. Void, suddenly into two halves, heaven and earth are also divided into two, countless electric fire as if with the river of light down, gathered into a huge column of light fell over the Changle Palace. Boom.. The arrow that filled the void was like the ashes of the wind in an instant, scattering into dust. Where the great sword passed, the ground split a hundred feet,Pallet rack supplier, stirring up irresistible air currents to bounce the hundreds of ballista lined up like paper kites, turning into a ball of flames and falling in the void. The soldiers of the imperial army were also shaken away like grass men, and those who rushed to the ground were all the rain of blood. omracking.com

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